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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Gets Rid of that Flabby Belly!

Despite diet and exercise, you still can’t get rid of those problem stomach and waistline areas. No matter how hard you try, it just won’t tighten up? Don’t despair, you are not alone. Extra fat and loose skin from pregnancy, weight loss, or age for most patients will not go away with anything you can do at home. The plastic surgery procedure, known as a tummy tuck or an abdominoplasty removes skin and fat from the lower abdomen, tightens the underlying muscles, and stretches out the upper abdominal skin to get a flat stomach area. Consult with Dr. Eppley in Indianapolis to find out if a tummy tuck is right for you.

Limited Vs Full Tummy Tuck - Which is Right for You?

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For some patients with smaller amounts of loose skin and extra fat, a full tummy tuck may not be needed. For smaller tummy problems, a limited tummy tuck or a mini-abdominoplasty may be all that is needed. In a limited tummy tuck, less skin and fat is excised and liposuction is liberally used around the entire abdomen and waistline. This results in a quicker recovery and less of a scar. Have Dr. Eppley in Indianapolis evaluate your stomach problem and make the best choice for you!

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